Apply for a Grant

Interested grant applicants should submit an initial letter of interest (LOI) during our open grant round. After reviewing all LOIs, we will invite strategically aligned organizations to submit additional documentation.

Submit your letter

Important Deadlines

Jan 15 - Feb 15: Letters of intent accepted for Educational Equity grants.

April 15: Graves Foundation selects finalists to complete grant application process.

May 31: Funding decision Finalized

June  1 - 7: All applicants are informed of their application status, funds are issued by no later than June 30th. 

18+ grants are invite only.

Application Support

If you are a new organization or new to the grant-making process please review the tips below:

  1. Every foundation is different, you should research the foundation, the history of giving, their priorities and mission, prior to applying.
  2. Your Letter of Intent should be no more than one to two pages and should include; a brief history of you, your organization and mission, details of your request, how you are funded, your intent for use of funds. 
  3. Please attach a budget that reflects the requested fund usage as well as your overall operating budget. 

How to Apply

Submit a letter.
Interested grant applicants submit a Letter of Intent (LOI). LOIs are accepted by email only. Send to

LOIs are accepted from Jan 15 - Feb 15.

Describe your mission
Describe how the mission of your organization or program fits strategically with Graves Family Foundation goals for this grant cycle.

Include an estimate
Include an estimated dollar amount for the grant, as well as links to your organization’s website and your contact information.

For general operating requests
If requesting general operating funds, include a list of large ($10,000+) grants pursued, expected, and/or received from other foundations, individuals, and government sources.

For program-specific requests
If requesting program-specific funds, briefly describe the program and list other funding sources pursued, expected, and/or received for the program.  Also describe how the program fits into your organization’s mission and existing work.

Confirm receipt
We will confirm receipt of every LOI submission we receive. Please call and/or send a follow up email if you do not receive a confirmation email from us within 3 business days of your LOI submission.

Finalists selected
We select finalists to submit a full grant application on April 15. If selected, you will be asked to include additional documentation such as budget, goals, position descriptions, org charts, etc…