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Since we believe youth development happens all day, every day, the Graves Foundation works to resource youth 24/7. We believe that schools are the center point of change, stable housing matters, community impacts student life, and holistic mentorship provides the toolkit necessary for a thriving adulthood.

COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT: At the Graves Foundation, we are working to determine our best role in this time of great uncertainty. Our commitment to Minneapolis youth and families from historically underrepresented communities guides our response to the economic and social ramifications of Covid-19. We believe transparency is crucial in these unprecedented times and so want to communicate openly our plans for 2020 funding in light of our new reality.
We are committed to our current grantees and partners and will continue supporting these organizations per our funding agreements formed prior to the pandemic. The only change to those agreements will be to remove restrictions from any restricted funds to allow grantees and partners the greatest flexibility as they address Covid-19.
All remaining, uncommitted 2020 funds will be reallocated toward Covid-19 response and recovery efforts. We are working with community leaders to learn how to best address needs as they become clear. Our initial round of Covid-19 grants have been made proactively. We will be holding on future rounds of funding until longer-term needs clarify.  

We identify and collaborate with key public and private organizations, leaders, and programs within our priority areas. We practice a relational approach to funding. We identify, select, and engage potential grantees in an authentic, meaningful manner. 

We believe in being “present and engaged,” meaning we spend time in the communities we serve and build relationships with grantees and potential grantees. Rather than request reports, we show up. We listen, learn, and work to better understand values, mission alignment, past efforts, and current goals.

We believe in supporting grantees above and beyond funding. Selected grantees receive funds for specific programming, general operations, or to support a key initiative. As we get to know leaders and organizations, we often advocate for grantees’, former grantees’, and potential grantees’ mission and efforts through connections to resources and communities of practice with peer organizations.

2019 Funding Spotlight:

Minneapolis Public Schools (Individual Schools, Educators, Leadership & Administration): $277,000
Parent Engagement & Advocacy Groups (Educate, Inform & Advocate): $240,000
Holistic Mentorship Programs: $106,500

School Funding at a Glance: 

District Schools Funded: 16
Charter Schools Funded: 3
Private/Independent Schools Funded: 1

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If you are an organization working within our priority areas—schools, housing, youth development, and community—and seeking funding, this form will help you and us assess whether you may be a match for grant consideration. 

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