The Bridge

What we Fund

Our mission is centered around ensuring every school in Hennepin county is a “great school” &  providing the necessary supports to youth transitioning from Foster care.

Who We've funded


We approach our work through an equity lens, and so our attention and resources are focused on communities that have been historically under-invested. To meet this mission, we fund emerging and visionary leaders that will push forward change, and create real impact within the communities that we serve. More specifically, our funding falls into the following four priorities:

The Vision of Proven School Leaders

Great leaders drive change, but more importantly, proven great leaders have shown that changes that they have implemented produce a lasting impact on society. The Graves Foundation gives grants to support proven leaders of K-12 schools and fund their ideas, programs, and organizations centered around education equity.

System Change Efforts

To create great schools, some systems, policies and procedures must change. The Graves Foundation funds organizations who work toward creating education equity by tackling system-wide policy changes on the districts we serve.

School Communities

The voice, advocacy and support of parents, students, teachers and community members within education is an essential to creating a sustaining great schools. The Graves Foundation funds organizations who unite, train, develop, and support parent and student engagement within education.

Support Youth Transitioning out of Foster Care

There is a gap in supports for youth transitioning out of traditional Foster care . The Graves Foundation funds organizations who provide support and care to transitioning youth within Hennepin County. Note: The Graves Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals for this funding priority.