The Graves Constellation

A Constellation of Change

Our Mission. 

Our Mission: To support organizations that provide disadvantaged youth in greater Minneapolis with access to the resources, opportunities, and caring relationships that will propel them to a successful life.

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Present & Engaged

The Graves Foundation is committed to serving the communities within Minneapolis and its first ring suburban cities. We value spending time building relationships within the communities that we serve by being present and engaging in relationships with both grantees and leaders within the community. 


In addition to celebrating and supporting leaders who take risks, demonstrate a willingness to try new approaches, and build strong coalitions with others, The Graves Foundation is committed to helping strong voices within our community improve education. 

System Orientation

We understand our work in the context of systems and power structures that have a complex relationship to our mission. We value grant seekers who share this understanding and are unafraid to both confront and collaborate with systems or power structures in furtherance of their mission.